Career Profile

Senior Linux Systems Administration and Systems Developer with healthcare industry knowledge. Strong skills in monitoring, storage, high availability and database architecture. Proven history of delivering solutions on time and within budget. I am currently looking for a full time position as a DevOps Engineer in the public or non-profit healthcare sector in San Francisco.


IT Manager

2014 - Present
St. James Infirmary, San Francisco

Came on as the first formalized IT Manager position for this non-profit organization providing medical services for sex workers and their families since 1999.

  • Migrated electronic medical records system from a custom application (Python/Django/MySQL) using PHP and libraries from OpenEMR to improve clinical staff accessibility and participant continuity of care.
  • Exceeded HIPAA compliance standards throughout the organization to provide custum privacy requirements by managing all IT vendors, cloud assets, and systems integrations.
  • Enabled the organizations ability to provide a Covid vaccine program, electronic perscriptions, and integration with local laboratories with development leadership by writing code, supporting volunteer developers, and integrating 3rd party addons.
  • Architected, configured, monitored, and proactively responded to issues with all site networks to provide highly available secure access to the internet and organization assets.

Software Developer

2009 - 2013
Funny Monkey, Portland, OR

Provided development operations and software development support to an open source e-learning platform

  • Wrote enhancements to 3rd party modules to improve platform functionality for the organization and the larger open source community.
  • Architected and deployed virtual development environment which reduced regression bugs and decreased the time to completion for new issues.

Systems Administrator

2009 - 2019
Dark Heart Nursery, Oakland

Provided custom secure voice infrastructure, network and systems operation support, and custom software development services to support the growth and distribution of premium cannabis clones.

  • Developed, monitored, and supported a secure VoIP network allowing for secure communications for staff and customers via law enforcement resistant network.
  • Wrote customer lead tracking software integrating Zoho and public data sources to facilitate the expansion of sales from the bay area to the entire California region.
  • Architected, configured, monitored, and proactively responded to issues with all site networks to provide highly available secure access to the internet and organization assets.

Development Operations

2009 - 2018
Radical Designs Cooperative, Oakland

Supported systems operations and custom sftware development for a radical web development co-operative.

  • Wrote a real time vhost monitoring solution that detected broken deployments switching the organizations response from reactive to proactive and improving the organizations SLA.
  • Custom WordPress and Drupal development that provided clients with needed functionality on time and under budget.
  • Monitoring infrastructure architecture and management support with custom interfaces to ease on call scheduling for team.

Project Manager

2007 - 2012
March-Hare Communications Collective, Portland, OR

Managed the direction of custom IT solutions as lead developer of a 12 person team

  • Built customize-able secure voice conferencing system leveraging Linux, OpenVPN, and Asterisk to create turn key solution ad hoc networks for surveillance resistant communication.
  • Led cross platform mobile application development team that provided real time resource mapping apps to customers using Drupal, Swiftriver, Twitter API, Kohana, Ushahidi, and Appcelerator.

Firmaware Developer

2005 - 2007
Free Radio Berkeley, Oakland

Resolved RF bugs and wrote custom firmware to support remotely configureable transmitters for this low power FM fabrication shop.

  • Developed transmitter firmware for network interface via a Lantronix Xport that allowed for getting and setting of transmitter settings and status remotely via an on board web server.
  • Used Oscilloscope and logic analyzer to verify transmitter quality control and to debug firmware issues at line level voltage.

Systems Administrator

2002 - 2005
America Online, Reston, VA

Systems developer and member of large scal systems administration team of operators for the Radio@AOL streaming service.

  • As a team member managed 1200+ host network comprised of Solaris and Linux systems to provide streaming radio service.
  • Developed tools to perform network and host security audits, log aggregation analysis, and report generation as needed to verify system integrity.
  • Contributed as Oracle database administrator supporting the data store for the entirety of Time Warner’s music archive.

Systems Developer

1999 - 2002
San Francisco State University, San Francisco

Systems developer for a multi platform software development lab that maximized the autonomy for CS students.

  • Architected and managed centralized authentication for a heterogeneous development network based on Linux and OpenLDAP.
  • Developed web front end that allowed non-technical staff to manage student access to lab resources.


Nagios VHost - A tool for managing and checking on vhosts in nagios. Written to observe the vhosts across a server farm for the RadicalDesigns web development and hosting cooperative, I still use this tool to verify page content and expected redirects from vhosts across a network of hosts.
Sympa - Sympa is an open source mailing list manager. It provides advanced features with a rich and secure web interface. The patches I wrote support a few features in large installations.
Beef - BeEF is short for The Browser Exploitation Framework. It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser. My contributions involved automating payload delivery to clients and metasploit integration.


As a member of a digital security collective I supported the writing, editing, and publishing of Hack This Zine

  • Getting Started with Linux Kernel Modules
  • Dennison Williams
    Hack This Zine issue 5, 2007

    Skills & Proficiency

    Linux, Linode, AWS, Heroku, Kubernetes, Docker

    Python & Django

    Nagios & Syslog

    Git & Subversion

    HL7 and HIPAA

    MySQL, MariaDB, Apache, PostgreSQL

    Cisco, Mikrotik, Linux networking

    Javascript & jQuery