Sara Ubelhart, sole proprieter of Zocalo coffee house roasts from an classic hand built roaster made by the san franciscan roaster company. As the roasting side of the business began to take off she was faced with the challenge of achieving consistent roasts profiles between staff roasting. The process of roasting coffee involves time, noticing the changes in sounds the beans make while roasting, and hand controlling the temperature. Even some roasters much larger then Zocalo track their roast profiles using clipboard, timers, paper and pencil logging, but Sara knew that her new EPA requirements would benefit from computer automation as well. After looking at a few options and taking stock of the available hardware we decided to run Artisan roast logger on a custom built Linux workstation. The old Dell was mounted to a U-Lin cart, configured to boot on power-restore, auto log in as a user, and auto start Artisan. Sara documented the different roast profiles using the software and provides it to staff roasters who can visually monitor a roast in progress alongside the graph of the roast logged by Sara. Each roast is saved by date and is available for future reference if tracking issues with the end product is needed.

The roast logger maintains a VPN link to a cloud server. I can VPN into the same cloud network and remotely VNC into the machine for maintenance or support. Sara can VPN in an monitor roasts in real time from her cell phone while she is making deliveries!