Wacypaa.org is a small not for profit organization that I contributed my time to as a technical point of contact, web application developer, and database administrator. While working with them I developed a content management system to support their website and conference registration database.

Using templates from a graphic designer, dynamic wire frame templates were developed which were used to display dynamic content containing; news, events, roster lists, and conference registration information. The template was designed to archive old data and to be extensible through future changes.

  • Wrote a content administration interface that allowed users to manage various aspects of the site without having to know HTML.
  • Developed a fine grained access control management library, that allowed an administrator to associate specific types of site actions with specific users. This allowed the site administrator to delegate maintenance of different parts of the site to different users and to limit the viewing of certain content to different groups of users. It was pretty much totally awesome.
  • Normalized the database tables used by the website and conference registration application.
  • Wrote a database abstraction library to remove db code from page generation code.

  • Provided database reports as requested.
  • The original front-end was designed by Phil Ciaccio. The version of the site that was built around this used a DHTML navigation system and was highly dynamic.