is a portfolio site for Kristen Hanson's floral arrangement company. She came to me looking for a simple site where she could have a small online presence explaining her services, and upload images of her floral arrangements. I told her I would do it in exchange for a plane ticket to San Francisco, then ended up fixing her home network in exchange for lunch. Its nice having a skill you can trade.

Her company never got off the ground, and the live site has been taken down. You can find some screen shots and discussion on the techniques I used below. is built on top Drupal 5.x and leverages the image, imagecache, lightbox2, and views modules. Images are uploaded as nodes, and tagged with the appropriate category, then displayed on the portfolio page via the views API like so:

//load the view by name
$view = views_get_view('Wedding');
////output the view
print views_build_view('embed', $view);

The theme used is a slightly modified version of greenNblack, with the logo done by Candice Miller.