was a site that facilitated the re-selling of designer wedding dresses. Working closely with the web designer, Derek Durivage of, using common software development best practices and design patterns, an object oriented database abstraction library was written in php. The classes written for this project model the database schema using a "Data Mapper" or "Integrated Mapper" design pattern to provide a DAO interface, and provides an interface for object creation through factory methods. The project was developed with test driven design; expected behavior was known first, test cases were built around those results, and code was written to satisfy the test cases. The code uses a simple Exception model , based on PHP 5's exception model, to handle errors, and provides a configurable logging system to easily increase or decrease the verbosity of the library. There is no longer active development on this project, but the most recent svn log entries and a link to the browse able repository are kept for archival sake.