Off-grid circuit breakers near Santa Cruz

There is a remote off-grid community living in the hills near Santa Cruz that asked me for electrical support recently. They have a few structures with no municipal services, they source their water from local springs, pack their trash, and are in the process of upgrading their generator based power plant to a solar one. I traced, documented, and landed the branch circuits for the common house in a breaker box.

Smart Bus

I worked on cleaning out and adding a few 120v branch circuits to supply power to lights and outlets in a bus. Future versions will add current monitoring, automated fan operation, and environmental monitoring

4G LTE Amplifer deployment

St. James Infirmary, the sex-worker lead occupational resource center located at 730 Polk St., previously at 234 Eddy St, was at the first floor of a 6 story building that created a cellphone dead zone. An amplifier was required to provide service to the first floor office. From the roof a directional antenna was installed pointing towards one of the downtown towers, LMR 400 was run down the side of the building into the server closet connecting a WeBoost Connect 4G-x, from where more LMR 400 connects to the internal antenna. There is still not complete coverage to the whole office with a single antenna, but this kit could be upgraded with an additional 3 indoor antennas that would complete service to the entire office if there was sufficient funding.

Smart Shack

I live in a a really nice cottage behind the house of my roommates. When I moved in a lot needed to be done to modernize and I took the opportunity to learn more about general construction, electrical installations, and industrial wiring concepts.

Electrical Wiring

When I was about 8 I helped my father build a house that we lived in. This is when I did my first residential electrical wiring work. I did not get back to electrical wiring until I built out my first indoor greenhouse in 2008. Since then I have picked up projects here and there. Some day I will go and take the test and ask all of my previous employers to sign off on my electrical work hours.

Radio Transmission and Broadcasting

I have experience setting up radio transmitting equipment, and make shift broadcasting studios on a shoestring budget.

On the transmission side of things I can fabricate a dipole and tune it with a SWR meter, build a transmitter (if I have a kit and instructions), crimp LMR-400, and have a bunch of techniques for "masting" an antenna and gaining access to line of site.

Emergency IT support at the 5lowershop Collective

The Flowershop Collective is a long running artist space in San Francisco. Soon after moving to the west coast I became familiar with the space because of the skate-park that is built inside. The space was under pressure from the city to verify its compliance with local fire regulations in the after math of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire. I responded to a call to the larger community for assistance in preparing for a walk through with the fire marshal.

Relays and grow lamps

There are 3-way and 4-way relays on the control panel with sane fail-safes allowing for manual over ride. Setting up this development interface and getting it on the network with a static address was today's progress to having a smarter shack.

Arduino + thermocouple + Perl + MySQL + Linux = EPA Compliance

Sara Ubelhart, Sole proprietor of, Zocalo coffee house roasts from an classic hand built roaster made by the San Franciscan Roaster Company. The roaster comes with , These features provide the data source for the roaster's Artisan deployment. The EPA requirement stated , "". To achieve this an additional thermocouple and current sensor was added to the afterburner.

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