IT Manager

As the IT Manager of St. James Infirmary my responsibilities are IT asset management, network management, VoIP system management, and development and migration to OpenEMR.

Custom HA Uplink

Zocalo coffee shop migrated to digital registers with a solution from square. While these devices are able to process transactions off-line, some types of transactions need the square registers to be on-line. At the time the coffee shop had only one up-link provided by Comcast. Comcast was providing good service at the time, but with the increased demand for the registers to be on-line they needed higher availability.

Smart Shack

I live in a a really nice cottage behind the house of my roommates. When I moved in a lot needed to be done to modernize and I took the opportunity to learn more about general construction, electrical installations, and industrial wiring concepts.

Radio Transmission and Broadcasting

I have experience setting up radio transmitting equipment, and make shift broadcasting studios on a shoestring budget.

On the transmission side of things I can fabricate a dipole and tune it with a SWR meter, build a transmitter (if I have a kit and instructions), crimp LMR-400, and have a bunch of techniques for "masting" an antenna and gaining access to line of site.

Emergency IT support at the 5lowershop Collective

The Flowershop Collective is a long running artist space in San Francisco. Soon after moving to the west coast I became familiar with the space because of the skate-park that is built inside. The space was under pressure from the city to verify its compliance with local fire regulations in the after math of the Oakland Ghost Ship fire. I responded to a call to the larger community for assistance in preparing for a walk through with the fire marshal.

Relays and grow lamps

There are 3-way and 4-way relays on the control panel with sane fail-safes allowing for manual over ride. Setting up this development interface and getting it on the network with a static address was today's progress to having a smarter shack.

Software Engineer

Digital Structures is a structural engineering firm in Berkeley run by Doug Stock that specializes in providing structural engineering consulting for offshore oil drilling platforms. Doug Stock has written a massive application in FORTRAN for generating reports about the expected performance of structures provided in different environments.

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